Paid Experiences

Office Assistant

Association Communautaire Francophone de St. Jean

January 2018 to today

Tasks include:


Office Administration Duties | French Tutoring and Assistance

Memorial University of Newfoundland

June 2018 to March 31st

Under the direction of the French Program Liaison Officer at MUN, I have worked as a tutor, Teaching Assistant, and conversation leader. I organized online and on-campus sessions with students, to help them with various course work or examination preparation such as the DELF.

I also provided insight and assistance in organizational and management tasks, including the creation of various projected media for presentations and classes.

Extra-Curricular & Volunteering

Web Developper | Event Leader


Rebuilt the organization’s website using more common and streamlined methods, implemented various automization tools and incorporated improved workflow while managing the website.

Tools used: cloud-hosting, WordPress, Python, CloudFlare.

Lead a multilingual hike (covered by The Telegram, MUN Gazette) through Biggood Park in Hindi, inviting and acommodating anyone in their native tongue with the goal of making for a better and warmer experience of Newfoundland flora and ambiance.

Software Developer

Paradigm Hyperloop

Elaboration of various tools and platforms to interact with the Pod, handling incoming data packets such as telemetry data, but also sending commands, implementing failsafes and ensuring continuous liaison.

Tools used: Flask, Bootstrap, JavaScript, InfluxDB, Google Protocol Buffer, Grafana, socket programming.

Tech Lead

Enactus Memorial

Working on various projects, I had the opportunity to work in a highly cooperative and multi-disciplinary environment.

Various tools were used and explored, such as: LEMP stack, Avahi and mDNS, open-source projects such as Moodle, Khan Academy Lite, Kiwix, Debian based RaspbianOS Linux distribution, Bash scripting.


Created a template for note taking in class, based on the Github Pages tools (Ruby, Jekyll), allowing to automagically transform Markdown formatted text in webpages, including mathematical equations and pictures.

Online Ancient Greek Learning Platform

Lycée Français de Tananarive

September 2016 to July 2017

Creation of an online teaching and learning platform for Ancient Greek.

Tools used: Moodle.

Teaching components originated from my own learnings over the course of 3 years, but also research and collaboration with the professor.

Dopamine - translation

Participated in an open-source program, suggesting an improved French translation.

Gasy Vert

Lycée Français de Tananarive

September 2016 to July 2017

Being a member of the sustainable development club “Gasy Vert” in high school allowed me to partake in many different events. Sensibilizing the student corps to the issues of global warming, but also representing the student corps during meetings, I presented projects in front of the school administration and brought them to fruition.

International Summit of Francophonie

November 2016

Taking place in Madagacar in 2016, I was chosen along with another student as an ambassador during speaking events and debates.